While the Sun is moving forward in Pisces, taking Venus next to it, a full moon occurs directly opposite. This full moon, which takes place as Pisces’s vast and wide sea of ​​water revives our senses such as softness, understanding, compassion, empathy and prepares us to dream and dream again, is in pursuit of showing once again the solid world of realities and is actually a kind of warning announcement. Financial and monetary issues may come across with surprising effects and developments. While the good side is full of thoughts and dreams, we can suddenly find the opportunity to embody them into plans, programs, to do all the work with our hard-working side, and to be beneficial to both ourselves and our environment. As we pass through a period when Aquarius’ eccentric thoughts meet with Pisces’s eternal dreams, the full moon, which receives full support from Uranus, can immediately draw our attention to the facts and what we need to do, to work. We can make decisions to bring order to our daily life, to take the necessary precautions, to take steps regarding our health, diet and nutrition. If we have pets, issues and developments related to them may come to our agenda.

If we come to the effects of the full moon according to your sign:

The full moon, which makes our awareness high, can draw your attention to your daily routines, diet, diet and sports habits, and can make it easier for you to make decisions regarding your overall health and wellness. The Uranus effect can speed up what you can do in this area.

A sudden and rapidly developing love can show and find the true purpose of your dreams and dreams in this period. Lost in your vision and goals, and in a sea of ​​social interaction associated with it, this love can make you put your feet back on the ground and remind you of the voice of your heart.

The full moon can shed light on issues related to home and family. With a quick awareness, you can recognize a situation that develops in the home and family, and you can take some precautions. This full moon may remind you of where your roots are as you go through a period where you focus on the outside world, far away.

This realistic full moon in Virgo can make you realize the change in your thoughts while reflecting the influence of those who are quickly involved in your social life. You can recall your concrete and realistic expectations on subjects that include education and information, and quickly put your business on track.

Common material issues, the turbulence of your business life, this full moon, when you are a little lost in your spouse’s or partner’s business situations, may remind you of your own worth, assets, possessions and what you can do with them. There may be rapidly developing supportive developments in business life.

This full moon, which happens when you are going through a period where you are very focused on people, close friends, spouse and lover, may be a “I” moon that reminds you of your emotional expectations and needs. You may find yourself needing nourishment before anyone else does.

If you think that the turmoil and chaos of your daily life has surrounded you and whatever work I should take care of, this full moon will be for you. With the Uranus effect, you can overcome all your work, capture the details and benefit from the power of your intuition.

This full moon, which occurs as you go through a period where you focus all your attention on your loved ones, can remind you of your social life, friends and friends, their needs and expectations. It can make it easier for you to escape the sea of ​​endless sacrifices and find your concrete and realistic vision again.

This full moon, which takes place as you pass through a period that focuses on your family, your home, their expectations and needs and somehow lost in the corridors of the past, can bring you together with your goals, plans, business life and career and make it easier for you to make decisions in this direction.

Matters related to your immediate surroundings, neighbors and siblings, when you are constantly busy with the fuss of people with whom you are in elbow contact, and your mind is full and a little complicated, this full moon can direct your attention away like a medicine and raise your head outward.

A full moon awaits you, with some interesting, unexpected effects, with the Uranus effect. While the planets in your sign have focused you on yourself and have raised your wishes and expectations to the top of your priority, this full moon may create small crises that remind you of your sharing with others.

The full moon occurring in your opposite sign draws your attention and interest to your relationships, marriage and partnership. You are going through a period when you can be lucky with the influence of the Sun and Venus advancing in your sign, and remember that you can reflect this glow on your people and your relationships.

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