Uranus, which has been determined to bring radical changes in your sign since 2018, continues its course this year as well, and it seems that it will await Taurus a truly different year, especially with the compelling aspects it takes from Saturn and Jupiter, especially when it affects Taurus signs born between April 28 and May 10.

While Saturn and Jupiter go unusually together this year, this course only takes a short break between May 14 and July 30. As a Taurus sign, you can spend this period very fertile and fortunate, and especially thanks to the interest, love, luck and fortune you receive from your friends and friends, you can renew hope and look at the future with pink glasses. Apart from this period, Saturn and Jupiter duo are almost at the top of your chart, especially in your business life and career, discipline, progress, stability, strength and fortitude are waiting from you. While there is a madcap Uranus in your sign and while you are constantly pushing you towards change, showing this stability and resilience lies in the different and extraordinary attitude, interesting solutions and maneuvers, untested ways and methods, especially in terms of status and career. Jupiter offers plenty of options in this respect, while Saturn may force you to sort through and be selective. In this period, managers, managers, bosses and all kinds of authority figures can come up with their authoritarian approach, at this point, you should show patience and steadfastness that made you you without paying attention to the wave of rebellion that Uranus can bring. When all this happens, 2021 can be a peak or a satisfaction point in terms of career, status, position. Continuing its long transits, Pluto may continue to make you strong in Capricorn this year, especially on far-off, foreign and foreign matters. On the other hand, Neptune can make social life chaotic at some points, and it is up to your extraordinary virtues to go beyond the illusion that social life can bring.

Venus, the star of your sign, can offer you a more calm and comfortable life, especially between February 25-March 21, April 14-May 8, June 2-27 and August 16-September 11. However, there is a Venus retrograde after December 19, and a year’s closing may be waiting for you, where you need to be particularly cautious when welcoming 2022 with this retro.

This year we will have four eclipses, two Suns and two Moons. During the Lunar Eclipse on May 26, awareness of common business and money issues may be raised. This Lunar eclipse can shed light on a situation related to your spouse, lover or partner’s financial or business issues. In the Solar Eclipse on June 10, this time attention is drawn to your own business and money situation. It may be a new job or a situation of earnings and income, or you may find a new way to better use what you have. The Lunar Eclipse on November 19, on the other hand, takes place in your sign, and it can bring an issue about yourself and your own emotional world, your family. The last Solar Eclipse on December 4, on the other hand, can bring a new investment, initiative, a change in the business situation of your spouse and partner to your agenda.

LOVE IN 2021

Undoubtedly, Uranus in your sign brings new approaches to your love life and your perspective on love this year too. However, this year it seems as if your priorities will be a little more, your goals and plans in business and career issues, turbulence and developments in terms of position, position, status and image. As you pursue duties and responsibilities, you may not be able to find or spend much time in love. However, between May 14 and July 30, especially your eyes may be a little more closed and social life may bring you an extraordinary love, you should be careful about misleading situations. The period between April 14 and May 8, when Venus shines your sign, seems quite fortunate in favor of love. Between April 24 and June 12, love can arise from your immediate circle, your co-workers, or someone at your school. Between 30 July and 15 September, a heart-throbbing love may knock on your door again. If you are a younger or younger person or working between September 15 and October 31, a subordinate may be your lover.

2021’From TO

In 2021, eclipses are taking place in areas that affect your financial resources and assets. Because the moon knots on this axis highlight some fateful themes in material matters. This situation may shed light on the developments brought about by the flow that is not very under your control. You can work hard between January 6 and March 4, but you should try to use your energy at the right place and time. You can also be like a bee on July 30 – September 15, but this time you can do something that you love and love, not that you have to. Between 15 September and 31 October, you should especially pay attention to business partnerships, it may not be easy to reach an agreement or agreement during this period. The periods of January 30 – February 21, May 29 – June 22, September 26 – October 18 when Mercury retrograde may not be particularly supportive in terms of important and binding agreements, contracts, business negotiations. There may be material developments that can reinforce your self-confidence between May 8 – June 2, and October 7 – November 5. You should try not to leave much work after November 5th.


Venus is not retrograde until December 19 in 2021. Therefore, especially on this date until November 5th, Venus is moving to a weak sign, your energy can be in place, you can find and apply ways to stay fit and healthy, and you may not have much trouble in this case. Of course, unless your natal chart has coercive effects that coincide with existing transits. However, you should be more careful and cautious, especially between January 6 and March 4, when Mars watches in your sign, and try to use your energy correctly and properly. Between April 24 and June 12, situations that may distract you from physical activity or sports, such as work, fatigue, may occur. Between October 31st and December 14th, you can focus too much on the people and people in front of you, and these people can make you so busy that you can forget yourself, in this case, it is better to be cautious. After December 19, Venus retrograde may require you to pay much more attention to yourself as well as extra caution. We wish you a happy and healthy year.

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