In 2021, Saturn and Jupiter will have changed signs to reshape the relationship field of your life. As both of them progress in your opposite sign, you can shape your relationship, marriage and togetherness from the very beginning, and you can almost formulate this area from the very beginning. As a stable sign, it may not be easy to take important steps in your life. However, this time, there may be such a great movement and mobility in the other side of you, that you may have to keep up with this action somehow. Moreover, Uranus, which is in your field that determines your status, career, location and business life, may be faster than the previous year in creating eccentric, sudden, unexpected developments this year. It seems that it will take a compelling frame from Saturn and Jupiter and bring interesting movements in terms of career and status. In short, as a fixed sign, you should be ready for more action this year. Jupiter can bring you a thousand and one people. Married, lover, or partner may appear before you in a different way than ever before, sometimes with crazy approaches. In the meantime, you may be in response to different situations that suddenly appear before you in the field of career and duty and responsibility. Therefore, the new year 2021 appears as a very exciting year where you can break the stability of your sign with the action and mobility.

In addition to these, Pluto continues its Capricorn transit, which it started since 2008, and continues its transformative effects in your daily life. Your routines continue to change. Neptune can also continue to trigger complex situations in the common material field, and you must maintain your cautious approach in joint business, ventures and investments. However, Jupiter is advancing into his blessed and lucky sign in his retrograde movement from May 14th to July 30th. This period can bring you luck in business and money matters, you may feel better in a spiritual sense, and also the developments in the business and financial situation of your spouse or partner may be good for you.

The Moon and Solar Eclipses, in which the Sun, the ruler of your sign, also plays the leading role, is of course very important for your sign. It seems that the eclipses that will take place in the Gemini-Sagittarius axis this year may have an impact on your social and love life. Lunar eclipse on May 26 can make you realize a heart-pounding love. It may bring some decisions in your love life, in your approach to love. The Solar Eclipse on June 10 can include you in a brand new social environment and make you meet new friends and friends. The Lunar Eclipse on November 19 draws attention to your business life and can bring an awareness of your status and position. It can be difficult not to show this when your emotions are raging. The last solar eclipse on December 4 may herald a new love again.

LOVE IN 2021

While this year’s theme is determining for you, love can also be inevitable. Moreover, the eclipses carry elements that carry fateful effects to your love life and reflect the flow on the axis of love. With the Lunar eclipse on May 26, you can experience the first awareness. This eclipse can fill your heart with love. As the Solar Eclipse on June 10 brings you into a new social environment, this may have repercussions on your love life. A solar eclipse on December 4th could be a love eclipse. Along with these, January 31 – February 25, March 21 – April 14, June 27 – July 22, August 16 – September 11, October 7 – November 5 Sagittarius can be quite exciting times for love. After December 19, when the love star Venus moves back, it is useful to be cautious and patient in love and relationships, this period does not support love at all, and it may bring a relationship tangle, especially in your daily routine and life.

2021’From TO

As Mercury moves back between January 30 – February 21, May 29 – June 22, September 26 – October 18, these periods may not be supportive in terms of important and binding agreements, contracts, business negotiations. In addition, you may need to pay more attention to material losses and losses during the period of 30 July-15 September. However, this year, in the shadow of love and relationships, the situation of throwing your pocket and your budget in the background may put you in a difficult situation, especially in some periods. In this respect, the period of 27 June-16 August can spend a lot of money.


In 2021, it seems that the affairs of the heart will tire the heart the most. In this sense, you should try not to tire yourself too much. Between April 24 and June 12, you should try to pay a little more attention to situations caused by distraction, forgetfulness and negligence. You can be very physically active from June 12th to July 30th. During this period, you should try to use your energy correctly and properly. 15 September-31 October may be a period in which relationships are particularly preoccupied with your mind. Outdoor activities and sports can be good in this period. The fact that the malefic planet Saturn is out of your health can make the New Year more relaxing in nutrition, wellness, purification, detox and healing. We wish you a pleasant and healthy 2021 year.

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