We start the new week as we move towards the full moon in an emotional tone. Because while the Sun moves in Pisces, the Moon is in Cancer, another water sign in the first days of the week. As the water elements gain weight, we can highlight emotional and romantic themes, we can reveal our compassionate and compassionate sides, our maternal aspects can emerge even stronger at the beginning of the week, and we can be more intertwined with home and family issues. Our emotional nutritional needs may increase in the first two days of the week. It can be a little difficult to control our appetite.

Then, as the Moon moves into Leo, the fire energy can warm the environment a little. While the egos and the desires of the self come to the fore a little more, we can show our artistic side more, and add original touches to our work and what we do.

This week Venus is moving into Pisces. With this transition, we can be prepared for surprise developments in love and relationships. The Venus Pisces transit, which will last for a month, can add a lot of imagination and imagination to love, and we can pursue fairytale and ideal loves, lovers. Attention to illusions in relationships, situations can be very different than we imagined and imagined. During this period, we may be pursuing a love that we dream of but may or may not actually exist.

While the week ends with a full moon in Virgo, the full moon can be an alarm bell to gain a realistic perspective in this emotional period. It can serve as a wake-up bell, especially if we have dreams about love. The full moon takes a positive aspect from Uranus. Unexpected and surprising developments in material and concrete matters and business issues can quickly and easily bring this awakening and realist perspective to the agenda. It can remind us of our work, our hardworking and productive side, and enable us to see the details we overlooked and forgotten.

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