While the second Mercury retrograde of 2021 takes place in the sign where Mercury is the ruler, we may experience slowdown, regression, delay, hesitation and suspense in language, speech, expression and communication, agreements, reconciliations and contracts.

In terms of travel, this period draws attention to the importance of previous organizations. If there are plans made in advance, it may be necessary to follow them. Because, we may encounter disruptions that may arise as a result of situations that may cause indecision and uncertainty during travel.

Mercury retrograde period may be a period that can tire our minds a little more. We may have to re-examine the mental activities that require concentration, namely lectures, assignments, writings that require reading and review, agreements and contracts, it may become a little more difficult to understand. In this respect, there may be delays and postponements that may result from commercial disagreement. Maybe it would be useful to think a little more, wait or postpone such works. The news may not arrive on time, payments may be delayed, forgetfulness, absent-mindedness, negligent errors and disruptions can be a little more tiring during Mercury retrograde.

In this period, we need to spend more time than usual to collect our thoughts, think healthy and logically, and finally make the right decisions, but we need to think twice and stay away from quick decisions. However, re-reading the past readings may be appropriate for this period. For example, it can be a suitable time to go over written texts, make corrections, and read them over and over.

Mercury retrograde points to a period in which the devices and tools we use could frequently fail. While understanding and solving applications, technological processes and systems is more difficult than ever, we may need to use our practical intelligence more.

As for the effects of Mercury retrograde according to your zodiac sign:


Mercury retrograde may indicate indecision and complex thoughts in close environment, neighbor, relative, sibling relationships. You should avoid making quick decisions and making judgments.


You may need to be a little more careful and vigilant in financial matters, and stay away from quick and hasty judgments and decisions. You must be meticulous in accounting matters.


Mercury in your sign is retrograde. As you go through a period when your communication channels and minds are open, retro can slow things down because managing and managing communication can take more effort than usual.


Mercury retrograde can lead to forgetfulness, absent-mindedness and forgetfulness. You may progress to a period where you will willingly or unwillingly give up mental control.


In the social field, you may need to pay a little more attention to communication in your friendships. You may find it difficult to think clearly, and you may be more easily influenced by the thoughts of your friends.


When the ruler of your sign, Mercury is in Retrograde, you may need to take life a little slower and move slowly. It can be difficult to think realistically about business life and career issues.


Mercury retrograde can indicate scattered, complex or uncertain situations in your communications abroad, with foreigners, on distant roads and journeys. Try to stick to your plans.


In Mercury retrograde, you may need to be more vigilant and cautious in common material matters, sharing, and management of common affairs. Concentration may become a little more difficult.


When Mercury is in retrograde, you should be patient with problems that may arise from misunderstandings and misunderstandings, especially in one-to-one and bilateral communication.


In retrograde Mercury, you should not let go of rational, realistic approaches to your health. There may be a confusion in your daily life that can force you mentally.


In Mercury retrograde, when it comes to love and affection, your mind can be confused and indecision can be tiring. There may be disagreements in the language of love.


Mercury retrograde can bring indecision about home and family issues, and thoughts that may confuse you, and it may not be easy to think and make decisions in this period.

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