We are moving forward to a brand new year in which we will spend the eclipses together with the Moon nodes that change signs in the middle of the year, on the axis of Gemini-Sagittarius, that is, knowledge-wisdom. However, at the last minute, before the end of the year, we need to take a final look at the classical structures we have left behind, namely the Capricorn-Cancer axis. This last full moon may allow us to take a look back in advance of the technology and knowledge-oriented year when Aquarius is dominant and the eclipses on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis and experience some awareness, especially on the basis of our family and roots.

In astrology, Cancer represents the home and family, Cancer is the bottom sign of the zodiac and expresses our roots and our past. The full moon in Cancer can give us one last look at the past before determining our direction.

The full moon, which takes positive aspects from Uranus, can bring surprise awareness with it. These may be about new goals, plans. Sudden changes in duties and responsibilities, work and career can accompany this awareness. It can enable us to think more constructively, firmly and realistically in material matters. We can also exhibit a higher intelligence, understanding and understanding, and we can even surprise ourselves with this understanding, especially in the material dimension of our lives.

You can see the effects of the full moon on your sign below:


The full moon may bring surprise developments in the family. Uranus can help you change your goals and plans in a flash with the sudden awareness it creates.


While the Full Moon draws your attention to a developing issue in your immediate surroundings, you can receive surprise news, and you can act suddenly and quickly on these news.

Do not neglect to make your account and expenditures controlled, while the full moon indicates sudden events in material matters. You can find a business opportunity that is growing positively.

The full moon in your zodiac sign can give you an account of the past year. You can determine a path for yourself by evaluating what you do and will do.

The full moon can draw your attention to what you have to leave behind. The decision to give up a habit or the possibility of quitting something you hold on to a person can come as a surprise.

Highlighting the events in your social life, the full moon can bring a surprising friendship or friendship and help you look to the future with hope.

Dolunay draws attention to your business life, career, goals and plans. Tasks and responsibilities can develop increasingly suddenly, and you may need to leave home and focus on business.

The full moon can bring a distant subject near you. You can focus on suddenly emerging issues and news about abroad or foreigners, and remember something you forgot.

Full Moon draws attention to common material issues and situations that require struggle. You can become aware of your ambitious sides and learn a lot from strong people.

While the full moon draws attention to your relationships, there may be things you can learn from the other person. This could be a secret or a situation that you didn’t realize before. You may be surprised by the surprise decisions you will make on this.

Dolunay sheds light on your daily life, business and working environment. Sudden changes and surprise events in this area can make you make surprising decisions.

The full moon sheds light on your love life. When entering a new year, you can remember the love you left in the old year. Prepare yourself for surprise breakouts and developments, a surprise love may arise.

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