The new moon periods, when the sun and the moon come together, indicate new beginnings. The new moon in Capricorn can point to a powerful transformation in the status, image, external perception of our lives. The Pluto effect can trigger our dominant side and bring repressed emotions to the surface.

The new moon may also signal new roles and responsibilities. This responsibility could be a new job, role or career. It can bring a new position or promotion. The intense Pluto effect can indicate the presence of a strong person or powerful influences in our business life or in our sphere of authority.

During this period, love and relationships are again under the realistic and realistic effects of Capricorn. Therefore, in this period when emotionality is not taken into consideration, material sharing, financial responsibilities and serious approaches can replace romance.

While the Capricorn sign rising with Sun, Moon, Venus and Pluto in the new moon chart is effective to reveal the dominant and dominant side within us, we may have to do this in a controlled, useful, beneficial way, that is, in a way that complies with Capricorn rules and discipline. As Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, moves side by side with Jupiter in Aquarius, we can develop unusual approaches, ideas, control this higher energy, and somehow effectively translate it for our own benefit. The Venus-Uranus angle in the new moon chart may indicate interesting developments in love and relationships, unusual U-turns or exits, and our love life, our approach to love may take a different shape.

You can see the effects of the new moon on your horoscope below:


With the new month, new duties and responsibilities may come to your agenda, you can meet people in authority positions, and take new steps and initiatives that can raise you in status or position.


The new moon may open up to new horizons, new exploration and adventures. It may be a new journey, this trip may not be physical, you can go on a new learning, personal development or discovery journey.


The new month may indicate brand new beginnings regarding your partner’s business, your common financial earnings, investments, tax, inheritance business. New openings in your soul can indicate a powerful transformation.


The new moon may mark new beginnings in bilateral relations, marriage and partnership issues. You can start a new relationship, meet someone new, or step into a new phase in your current relationship.


The new moon can bring new beginnings in your work environment and daily life. You can have a new colleague. You can take new steps regarding your health.


The new moon marks brand new beginnings in your love life. There may be a new love affair and your heart may start racing again. You can also acquire a new and interesting occupation you love.


The new moon happening today points to innovations in your home and family life. You can move to a new house, join a new member of your family, and make nice changes in your home.


The new moon can give you a fresh start in education. You can start a new course and learn new knowledge. You can restart communication with your siblings and neighbors.


The new month marks new beginnings in material matters, business and money matters. There may be a new job or a door to earning. You may feel ready to use your skills in a very different and extraordinary way.


The new moon marks brand new beginnings in your life. You can define a new style or look for yourself, for example. You can also make small and large changes that affect every aspect of your life.


While the new moon takes place in an area beyond your control, it points to material and spiritual abandonments and abandonments. You may come up with a donation, charity, or break a habit.


Today is the new moon, you can include you in a new social environment and make different friends. The new moon may also offer an opportunity to refresh your hopes.

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