Each year, with the advancement of the Sun into Aries, we enter a new astrological year. This year, after a long winter and cold, we can evaluate this spring period, which started on March 20, with brand new and fresh beginnings. Between 23-26 March Venus and Sun come together in Aries. This conjunction creates an agenda that can be evaluated in the name of love and relationships. Brand new beginnings in the name of our love, togetherness and partnership can come true with this conjunction. This conjunction, which takes place once in about a year, can give us the opportunity to turn our wishes and dreams into reality, especially in the name of relationships, and can bring us together with our hearts.

If we come to the effects of the spring equinox on your sign:

By increasing your energy, desire and motivation, you can make your wishes and wishes come true. As you prepare for new steps and beginnings in your life, the lucky star Venus seems to be by your side and ready to assist you.


You can now be ready to leave things behind and behind you in this hectic period. You can embrace new spiritual expansions. You can prepare a new self for yourself by giving up and renouncing.

This period can be a very active socially and you can make your presence in social groups much more effective and active. Venus can bring you a love and relationship from your social life. You can get plenty of support from your friends.

This period can be a very active period in terms of work, career, duties and responsibilities and you can embrace your goals. The astrological new year can bring you a brand new career and business life. There may be a dignified relationship or marriage with Venus.

This period can be a very active period in terms of business, distant, foreign and foreign issues and you can hug your goals. You can make your dreams about distant and journeys come true. A foreign love may wink at you.

This period may be a very active period with common material issues, business and investments, and your motivation and energy may increase in this direction. A new joint venture, business may be in question. Your spouse or lover can start a new job and support your financial dreams.

This period can be very active in terms of bilateral and one-on-one relationships and partnerships, and you may encounter many people. You can see favors from your spouse and lover, if you have a relationship, you can go to a brand new stage in this relationship, or you can step into a new and serious relationship.

During this period, you can be much more focused on issues related to your daily life and routines, and you can take more care of your health. You can adopt a new health plan, routine, nutrition and healing program. Love may arise with a younger person less mature than you, a subordinate.

This period can be very active in terms of love and your loved ones. You can define yourself with your passions and excitement, and prioritize love. A whole new love, passion or excitement may be at your doorstep.

This period can be very active and active, especially in matters related to home and family. You can be motivated and motivated by these issues. You can move to a new house, you can create a whole new space, a world for yourself. There may also be a relationship with someone your family introduces to you.

This period can be quite active and active, especially in terms of communication, communication, short trips and meetings. You can be motivated and motivated by these issues. You may be excited about a brand new relationship or love that may arise from your immediate circle, school or neighbors.

This period can be intense and full of financial issues. You can be willing and motivated to increase your income and make better use of your opportunities. A brand new business may come up, increase your earnings, buy your wishes, a new sense of comfort or luxury may come into question.

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