You have entered a year where you are determined to love from the heart. You know best that you deserve it. You have attracted the attention of the opposite sex the most with your character that is not afraid of questioning and improving yourself in every sense in social environments for years. When you find a person who has gone through the same paths as you, while you have taken so much responsibility on you, the days when you will connect from the heart are at hand. You are a sign that cares about skin harmony, but if there is anything that impresses you more than that, it will be smart people who use their minds and work their brains for even the smallest task. You will be so swept away by these people that you may even become blind to those who are in love with you. The dome of the sky emphasizes that this year you will give the most chances against sharp-minded people.

As you see people who have common tastes with you, you will think that that person is your ideal soul mate, and you will want to be in the same environment with these people. The reason why you had a cold attitude in your love life in the past was that you did not meet people who could think the same way as you, complete you, or even be your soul mate, and you were prejudiced against love. But don’t worry, the sun will rise for you too. On February 25, Venus, the planet of love and passion, will enter the water sign. This transition will emphasize that you should file all the details that make you tired and open your way. Your communication with the opposite sex will improve. If you are a Virgo sign who has just started a relationship, you may be shy about sexual matters. However, your lover can comfort you in this regard. As the question marks in your mind disappear, you will cling to the concept of “home”.

If your Venus is in Virgo;

If your Venus is in Virgo, you may feel shy in emotional matters. Venus, the planet of passion, brings a sense of introversion to the fore, no matter how expressive it is in other zodiac signs. You do not like to bring yourself to the fore, and your sexual life may also be timid. However, you have a high level of respect for the lifestyle of the person you will meet and fall in love with. Most of the time, you think about your lover and your spouse more than yourself, and you forget yourself. Your nature, which enjoys every detail that touches the heart, emerges with the effects of Venus. For you, love should not be based on material matters.

Venus points out that you can open up even your weakest and most sensitive aspects to the person you love. Even though you have a very tough-looking structure from the outside, you approach the person you love like a defenseless child. Isn’t that love for you anyway? Leaving all prejudices behind, breaking down all walls… You can tell all your secrets to the person you trust. You do not like to keep secrets in love, you do not compromise your honesty even if it is for the sake of the person you love. Venus, the planet of love, also indicates that you experience emotions in the deepest parts of your heart and that you cannot always express your love. You are a good parent. You can be both mother and father to your children. Your love is very strong.

If your Mars is in Virgo;

For you, love is a phenomenon that does not rush and takes time. You approach love like a work of art. This work of art is not produced immediately, just like the paintings that go through a certain creative process. Being in a hurry is not for you at all. If you’re someone with Mars in Virgo, things over time are for you. Instead of expressing your feelings right away, you prefer to show them when you are sure of your feelings and show them to the other party. For this reason, there are times when you can be misunderstood in your love life. You do not like to give hope to the other party without giving a name to your feelings. You are definitely one of the actors in platonic love matters.

You like to spend your energy on the areas you love. As Mars ignites your planner and programmer side, you want to get your work done on time. Promise is very important for you. Once you make a promise, it is unthinkable to be unable to keep that promise. The planet Mars, the symbol of struggle, reveals your unyielding side. Even if you are worried from time to time about managing the breaks in your love life correctly, thanks to Mars, you can think more accurately and set a road map. If you are someone with Mars in Virgo, it means that anxiety and anxiety are ingrained in your genes. You can bring even the smallest problems to big places in your love life. So much so that having someone in your life who completes you is important at this point. Mars reveals the side of you that knows what you want in your sex life. Your humble side attracts attention.

  • 2021 Your goal is to get rid of uncertainties. If you are a Virgo in a relationship; With the Sun passing into your opposite sign in March 2021, you will want to overcome the contradictions you have with the person you love. You will want to get rid of a certain peaceful air. If you are an unrelated Virgo; Everyone will hear the voice of your heart, as in the past, while passing through very intense emotions like in 2009. In April 2021, Virgo will be able to make more travel plans as the world begins to take to the streets and get rid of the pandemic.

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