In love, you have a nature that fights for the love by getting out of the deepest pits of your heart. But you can leave even your most mysterious states behind for the person you love. Even though you look like a closed box from the outside, you want to experience love in the most beautiful way. Aside from your empathic nature in relationships, if you are fully in love, you will arrange your life according to the person you love. You live with him, you take the person you love to the most special place in your heart. Beyond bad feelings, away from interests and as one body…

Your greatest desire is for the person you love to make their presence felt in your life. By contrast, relationships that are only physically present in your life and have nothing to share are nightmares. You want to open up completely to the person you love. You want a real companion with whom you can both have warm moments in your bedroom and have every conversation. If a person who interprets your feelings is in your life, you will hug him at all costs. You have a nature that lives in the moment in love. Instead of constantly making plans for the future and putting yourself in anxious situations, you like to enjoy the moment with the person you love. If you’re a married Scorpio, it’s fun to go on vacation with your partner, because you and your soul mate always find a way to rest your minds. You will use all kinds of financial and moral opportunities for the person you love to the fullest. This behavior adds strength to your love.

If your Venus is in Scorpio;

Shared pleasures, coincidences, encounters represent important bends. If you are a person born in the Venus Scorpio cycle; You are brave in taking a step against the person you feel like. Jealousy in a relationship is normal for you. The fact that your loved one has a dialogue with other people rather than you can be uncomfortable and you will show this uneasiness. If your Venus sign is Scorpio; Likes are important. The admiration here is the outward appearance. You prefer pleasant scents, modern clothes, and vibrant colors to impress the person you are in a relationship with or like. In order to be influenced by someone, you expect the other party to show the same qualities. It is very passionate that you own and love the person you love. This passion can trigger unforgettable romantic moments. It would be unwise to shake the confidence of the person born in the Venus Scorpio cycle. Because they can hold grudges and forget what was done. They do not reflect their pain, they act secretly about it. If your Venus sign is Scorpio; you may not be able to control your doubts; The scenarios you set up in your head can trigger discussions. Having relationships with dominant characters can cause you to have a very bumpy relationship. You can use your charm to persuade the person you love. You seek a deep connection in love, but you want to know all the secrets of the other person, but you do not share your own secrets. You are like a closed box, so to speak. Being mysterious arouses curiosity and increases your attractiveness.

If your Mars is in Scorpio;

In relationships, you act with your desires. It may seem like there is no end to your wishes. You know very well how you can influence the other person sexually. It activates your emotions and impulses simultaneously, and you do not hesitate to use your appearance correctly and effectively. If Mars is in Scorpio, the person; chooses and uses words that activate the emotions of the person he wants to influence well. If your Mars sign is Scorpio; You don’t bluff the person you love. You can take your jealousy to different dimensions. You want to be a sought after and important person for your lover or spouse and you determine your behavior accordingly. Mysterious personalities always interest you, because you enjoy researching and solving it. You may have a structure that can make your loved one do what you want without making him feel it. Acting with your intuition can sometimes lead to wrong conclusions. Mars is the ruler in Scorpio. For this reason, Scorpions; He doesn’t give up on love. They cannot do without creating scenarios related to the person they are interested in. If your Mars sign is Scorpio; You don’t like obstacles in love. Where you can’t overcome the obstacles, you can show aggression. You will pay attention to the charismatic appearance of the person you will love and be interested in. You are attracted to people who suit you physically and mentally. Woe to someone who misleads you in your love life! You will not crush yourself with your protective attitude towards your emotions. You don’t forget what has been done and you keep it as a trump card. You live your love, your love in high. And you want response. You can resort to intrigues when you are not interested. You can do some small emotional tests with the other party.

  • If you are a Scorpio in a 2021 Relationship; During the eclipse months, you may fall into the middle of arguments with the person you love because of social media. If you do not lose your sense of trust until September, your relationship will begin to enter a completely different process. When you return to the professional field or the office where you work in May, someone whose heart is not empty towards you may confess their feelings.

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